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Vocabulary Drill Game

Vocabulary Drill & Test Review: Good for any topic where you have lots of vocab words:

Generate a huge list of terms, like over 50 if possible.

Write them down (probably easier to photocopy it or make an overhead) for all the kids to see.

Make a grid of 25 squares (5x5), each about 1 inch, and photocopy it so that each kid gets a copy.

Then tell them to pick 25 of the vocab words-- any ones they want-- and put one word in each square.

Then, read definitions, one at a time (keep track of the words you are defining) out loud.

Have the kids X off the box that contains the word you are defining. They'll have to know the definition to X it off, plus they may or may not have the word on their grid!

First to get 5 in a row wins!

You'll want to verify that their words were indeed defined before declaring a winner.

Good for practice before a quiz.
Submitted by: Kevin Fleury; New Hampshire; USA

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